The Decemberists (6/9/09)

IMG_0260After seeing the Decemberists last night at the Bank of America Pavilion (Yes I still call it Harbor lights) I have to say that it was one of the best shows of the year thus far. It was an awful day for an outdoor concert which it always seems to be whenever I go to Harbor lights in June. But despite the 50 degree weather and the constant rain, the band preformed amazingly. The first set consisted of the Hazard’s of Love Album being played in it’s entirety. This was nice as the album is a complete work not just a collection of singles and really shines when listened to in it’s entirety. The band did not pause for a moment during the first set and never paused to even address the crowd, which was entirely fitting for the flow of the show. In my opinion the band really could not have sounded any better. The music was tight and at moments I wondered if they were lip syncing as the sound was so clean. The second set and encore was a complete 180 from the first set. The band was more relaxed, engaging the crowd in sing-a-longs and dragging audience members on stage to play with the band. Which while it sounded pretty terrible made everyone forget that it was freezing and raining. The band was full of energy in the second set, which to their credit seemed to really carry to the audience who despite the weather was having a great time. The band’s energy carried so well that even in our last row seat I had to be reminded by my lovely girlfriend that I was air drumming just a little too enthusiastically. During the set they covered almost every Decemberists classic that anyone would want to hear. One of my personal highlights of the show was to see all the perplexed looks on the faces of all the hipsters when the band covered Heart’s Crazy on you.

Overall the show far exceeded my expectations for a rainy Decemberists show on a cold Tuesday night and I can’t wait to see how the band translates all this to Newport Folk in a few weeks. So if the opportunity arises I highly recommend that you go to a Decemberists show. Even if you are new to the band or not really into the band, I believe that a good live show is the best way to start listening to a band. For those of you who have been fans for years, your passion will be validated once again.

PS.> Sorry about the lack of pictures. There was a no camera policy at the show. I know smuggling a camera into a show is like the least dangerous thing you can do but hey I am pretty fucking old now.


~ by rpfeiffe on June 10, 2009.

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