Whitney and Thayer Woods

About a week ago Patty and I hiked the Whitney and Thayer Woods. It’s another one of the Trustee’s properties and a very beautiful place with a lot of acreage for hiking. Of course since Patty and I had planned to hike and since we would be on the South Shore, it had to rain. DSC00708Patty is a good hiking partner and really never complains about the weather, bugs, or the distance of the hike but she often does drink a large ice coffee from Dunkin Dounuts before we hike so she usually hike’s entirely too fast for me. DSC00732I usually like to hike slowly and take it in, take some pictures and enjoy the outdoors. Patty on the other hand had to pee so we spent about four miles hiking in a near sprint. I told her to pee in the woods but she wasn’t feeling it. DSC00739

The thing that was really nice about this hike was that the sun came out (which brought the bugs) and there was numerous flowering plants that were in full bloom. It was like hiking through the private garden of an old estate or something. The flowers and underbrush was so dense that is was tunnel like at times which made it even more interesting and somehow people ride horses on these trails. DSC00720

DSC00725DSC00743We also stopped by Weir Farm. Patty hoped for a bathroom but we were both surprised to find that this farm had some of the best views of the Boston skyline. DSC00746

Again you should join or support the Trustees. http://www.thetrustees.org/


~ by rpfeiffe on May 29, 2009.

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