BIDMC Nursing Awards

A few weeks back I attended the BIDMC nursing awards ceremony at Fenway Park. It was kinda cool to be at Fenway park when no one was there. I received some scholarship which name I can’t remember and which I may or may not deserve. The ceremony was long, but there was free Fenway franks and beer which remained at standard Fenway prices of 8 dollars and a you just got screwed. DSC00625DSC00631n62501408_30959084_7212671After a little while I decided to take a few minutes and enjoy a beer in Fenway Park by myself. It was kind of a strange feeling but I knew it was probably an opprotunity I wouldn’t have again so it had to be done even if it meant missing some of the awards. DSC00641Fenway Park at nightDSC00654


~ by rpfeiffe on May 29, 2009.

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