Addition to the list

I almost forgot my farovite thing about Boston in the Summer.

6. College Kids Moving out- Ever June there is a mass exodus from Boston’s college neighborhoods down 95 and straight back to New Jersey. This is the one thing that truly makes me happy, to see college kids leaving and hoping that some of them won’t be back next year. Sure, there will be others to take their place but hopefully they won’t be from New Jersey.

2238811058_08740d888dThey came to Boston for an education,
Live in the dorms, join a frat,
Jam my bars and subway cars.
Now, what the fuck is that?
Spend year one having fun,
And causing aggravation.
Spending daddy’s cash on a toga bash,
When the hell’s graduation?
I was here before they came, I’ll be here long after.
Don’t want to swear, but it seems clear that I’m gonna have to.

– Mighty Mighty Bosstones, They came to Boston


~ by rpfeiffe on May 6, 2009.

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