B&G Oyster Festival

This guy went through 1100 oysters by 5pm.

Yesterday Patty and I completed the weekend by doing what we do best. Eating oysters. I mean all the oysters. B&G Oysters held their annual oyster festival on Sunday and there was a serious amount of shucking getting done. I have to say the event was crowded and I did overhear staff talking about how they had to turn people away but crowds or no crowds it was a lot of fun. It was an event in which everything about it screamed The South End. I mean who has a DJ at an oyster festival. I know the one in Wellfleet usually has some sort of folk band or something. People were really well dressed to be eating oysters without napkins and there were very few flip flops but hey who am I to judge I had a great time. Everyone attending the event was friendly and even though the weather spit on us a few times no ones attitude seemed to be affected. So I ate too many oysters, had too many harpoon’s and had a really good time. Oh yeah I saw Frances Rivera there and she is much hotter in person than on TV. (Yes it is possible) The greatest part of the day came when we had already left the restaurant and Patty got a phone call informing her that she had won the grand prize in the raffle, a private tour of the Harpoon Brewery for 80 people!!! Keep in touch with Patty or I if you want invites since the tour does include a free tasting.

Patty loves oysters...and beautiful men

Patty loves oysters...and beautiful men

Yes it was a little tight inside.

Yes it was a little tight inside.

Check these links out:


Seriously good seafood.


Pretty cool non-profit who are trying to repopulate the Boston estuaries with oysters to help off set waste run off and sewage run off that goes into our rivers and then harbor. Pretty neat stuff. Don’t know if I would eat a Charles River Oyster though.


The founder of Matunuck Oyster Farm Perry Raso was at the event and hooked Patty and I up with Oysters pretty consistently and their brimmy taste with a sweet finish were my unexpected favorites.

Happy place

Happy place


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