The music festival dream

album-never-trust-a-hippy3I have been wondering lately if I am too old to go to a music festival. I mean I already feel too old to go out both nights on the weekend so an all weekend three day music festival seems like it might kill me. Every summer Patty and I always watch every music festival website as they post their line ups and we talk about how awesome it would be to go and shows we had gone to in the past. We exchange stories about following Phish or driving to some town in east chuck to see a festival and we always say that when we aren’t too busy we are going to go to another music festival. But seriously are we too old? Have we lost what it takes to camp with a bunch of damn dirty hippies? Have we lost the ability to go days without a shower? Have we lost the ability to just loose ourselves in the music?

As I watch Coachella in HD on my big screen TV in my comfortable apartment with a cold beer in hand, I wonder if it actually is better to be there or to wish you were there. But in any case the new goal of the summer is to get to a music festival. Please leave suggestions. And no Newport Folk Festival doesn’t count, it’s for old people.


~ by rpfeiffe on April 12, 2009.

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