Spring Diet

"Give me your Cocktail Fruit"

"Give me your Cocktail Fruit"

Inevitably, every year when the spring returns I find myself needing to loose some pounds. The gut that served me well by keeping me warm while skiing, looks pretty unsightly when I take my shirt off at the beach. And nobody wants to be the guy who keeps his shirt on at the beach. So Patty has put my ass on a diet, because since quitting smoking a year and half ago I have managed to gain 18 lbs. I did not think that this level of intervention was necessary until the 25 lbs. mark but I do believe that if you live with someone it’s important that you don’t mind seeing them with their clothes off. So for Patty I will give up eating bacon and cake frosting and will stick to whole wheat and Brussels sprouts. If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is.

So the first weight in 164 lbs. (3/30/09) Stay tuned to watch my failure…

Health Food as Far as the Eye can see.

Health Food as Far as the Eye can see.


~ by rpfeiffe on March 30, 2009.

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