celebrateyourstyle08full3x4It’s time once again to start planing for my favorite summer event. Well one of the few things I really enjoy about the summer besides girls in skirts. The Vermont Brewers Festival is back and I will be booking my hotel as soon as possible. It is possibly the most fun brewers festival around probably because it is held on the waterfront of the beautiful hipster city known as Burlington, Vt. The last time Patty and I attended this event I was so overcome by warm weather, Vermont beer and general good vibes (hippy shit) that I was considering moving back to Vermont. I mean seriously, where else in the world can you bring both your dog and your baby to an outdoor beer festival and have no one call the department of social services on your hippy ass?

Here is the link to the real info… All should attend.


~ by rpfeiffe on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Brewfest”

  1. Brewfest is going to be nasty. What session are you thinking of going to?

    • Any of them. We usually do the day time one on saturday but we are thinking about the night time one. I hear its a bit more wild. The day time one has lots of children and dogs.

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