Tuck Tuckerman’s

tuckermans_ravine1Back in college my roommate and life mentor Mike Dogg taught me many important lessons in life. He was older and wiser and would teach us young ones the ways of the world. Many of his life lessons where things such as “it doesn’t matter if you sleep with an ugly chick as long as you know she’s ugly.” (which in retrospect is true). But besides giving me pointers of hooking up with chicks and what were the best beers in the country he taught me something much more important, to have confidence in yourself.
One night towards the end of the winter, after having entirely too many of Vermont’s finest libations we began talking about skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine that spring. Mike Dogg declared “Fuck Tuckerman’s Ravine. I will tuck Tuckerman’s. I am the nastiest skier you have ever seen. I will TUCK THAT SHIT, pfeiffer…” Well we never tucked Tuckerman’s, shit we never even skied it. But we lived our lives like college was the ravine and we tucked with confidence. That was the way Mike Dogg was, he saw challenges in life that would scare other people and approached them with the utmost boldness and taught my friends and I to do the same. Throughout college we partied hard, skied hard, worked hard and I established a sense of self which to this day kinda makes me an asshole. (ask Patty, the only other person who’s right more often than I am) Sometimes when my confidence is a little shaken or I get the stuffing knocked out of me, I just remember what Mike Dogg said, “We don’t think we are cooler than everyone else, we are cooler than everyone else.”

I am hoping that this attitude stays with me this spring where I know many challenges await. But who knows maybe this year I will finally stop saying I am going to do and I will ski Tuckerman’s Ravine and if I do I will be sure to Tuck that Shit.


~ by rpfeiffe on March 26, 2009.

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