Oh Canada…

The Frozen Tundra

The Frozen Tundra

I have returned unscathed from the frozen tundra of the great white north. Fear not the mountains of Canada have been put to rest as Patty and I have dominated them. Mount Tremblant is one of the more interesting places I have ever skied and skiing among so many French Canadians was a learning experience in itself. First off Tremblant is what Disney would create if they were making a ski village modeled after real life ski towns in Europe. Its clean and brightly colored and even has a creepy mascot. Do not let my tone make you think  I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. Everything is with in walking distance which is important when you can drink beers openly in the street in plastic cups. Even if you have to drink Molson Dry or Rickard’s Red  (both of which don’t hold a candle to Labatt’s). Do not let the brightly colored buildings and moose-like mascot fool you,as there are many ways to get into trouble even in the Disney world of skiing. The bars seem to serve anyone, even 15 and 16 year old girls and every drink comes in a larger size if you ask for it. I myself was asleep everything by 930 mostly due to my day time apres ski binge drinking and a responsible girlfriend who kept close tabs on me.Disney Ski World

The French Canadians themselves are a peculiar type of skier. They use a lot of makeup and hair products (men and women alike) before skiing. There is a large amount of fur on their ski parkas. (Insert mental image of outfits from dumb and dumber) They also ski like no other group of skiers I have ever seen. They make approximately 6 turns a run and all turns have to be done using beginner skiers as gates to clips as you speed pass. They seem to charge down the mountain making the mountain punishing it for being born from the earth. It seemed that every time Patty and I would find an area on the mountain that was unskied the French Canadian ski locusts would ski in and devour every soft bit of snow available. God Bless anyone who gets in their way. The attitude of these skiers could not be anymore polar opposite when they were hanging out in town. Every person we met in Tremblant French Canadian or not was totally chill and treated us with respect and seemingly loved Americans. All in all the French Canadians are pretty cool shit. They like to ski hard (or like maniacs), eat good food, and party hard. My kind of people.

Real Canadians charge the lifts

Real Canadians charge the lifts

PS- I never ordered freedom fries once, no matter how much i was tempted to.


~ by rpfeiffe on March 17, 2009.

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